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Drink Menu

Signature Boat Drinks

Always Money In The Banana Stand image

Always Money In The Banana Stand

Banana rum, pineapple and orange juice with a splash of grenadine

I'd Smash That Pineapple image

I'd Smash That Pineapple

Pineapple rum, muddled pineapple, blue curacao and sierra mist

Red Rum Red Rum! Sangria image

Red Rum Red Rum! Sangria

Traditional red sangria with a rum punch

Electric Avenue image

Electric Avenue

Lemon vodka with strawberry, mint and fresh lemons

Perro Diablo image

Perro Diablo

Spicy jalapeno margarita with a black salt rim and float of tajin

Watermelon Crawl image

Watermelon Crawl

A tajin rimmed spicy watermelon margarita

Tavern 75 image

Tavern 75

Gin, lemonade and a topper of champagne

12th Man image

12th Man

Apple vodka lemonade drink for those who bleed green and blue

Hangover Mary image

Hangover Mary

Salt and tajin rimmed bloody mary with olives, celery, pepperoncini and a strip of peppered beef jerky. For a twist, try our smoky green mix!


Cans & Bottles

Pacifico image


Bud Light image

Bud Light

Coors Light image

Coors Light

Black Cherry White Claw image

Black Cherry White Claw

Truly Pineapple Seltzer image

Truly Pineapple Seltzer

Truly Strawberry Lemonade image

Truly Strawberry Lemonade

Local Roots Peach Kombucha image

Local Roots Peach Kombucha

Heineken 0% Abv image

Heineken 0% Abv


Draft Beer

Wet Dog Tavern Lager image

Wet Dog Tavern Lager

4sons Hazy Ipa image

4sons Hazy Ipa

4sons West Coast Ipa image

4sons West Coast Ipa

Flashpoint Mango Wheat image

Flashpoint Mango Wheat

Firestone 805 Blonde Ale image

Firestone 805 Blonde Ale

Modelo Especial image

Modelo Especial



Tribute Cabernet image

Tribute Cabernet

Kenwood Pinot Noir image

Kenwood Pinot Noir

Stonecap Merlot image

Stonecap Merlot

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc image

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc

Kenwood Chardonnay image

Kenwood Chardonnay

Barone Fini Pinot Grigio image

Barone Fini Pinot Grigio

J Roget Brut image

J Roget Brut



Cinnamon Toast image

Cinnamon Toast

Scooby Snack image

Scooby Snack

Cactus Cooler image

Cactus Cooler

Green Tea image

Green Tea

Mexican Lollipop image

Mexican Lollipop

Washington Apple image

Washington Apple

Lemon Drop image

Lemon Drop

Breakfast Shots image

Breakfast Shots

Kami-Kaze image


Slurp For Pups image

Slurp For Pups

Jello shots! $1 of each shot will be donated to a local dog rescue.


Classic Cocktails

Bloody Mary image

Bloody Mary

House bloody mix, vodka, salt rim, lime wedge

Mai Tai image

Mai Tai

Silver and spiced rum, pineapple and orange juice and grenadine

Margarita image


Blanco tequila, salt rim, lime wedge

Mojito image


Rum, mint, lime, simple syrup and a splash of soda

Sex On The Beach image

Sex On The Beach

Vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice

Moscow Mule image

Moscow Mule

Vodka, bitters, ginger beer and fresh lime juice

Lynchburg Lemonade image

Lynchburg Lemonade

Whiskey, triple sec, lemon juice, sierra mist

Battle Of The Barrels image

Battle Of The Barrels

Our staff take turns creating whiskey barrel cocktails. The cocktail that sells more stays on the menu and a new challenger competes. Ask your server for current selections.

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